Luxury Concierge, LLC of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is a full-service hospitality company offering luxury concierge services to the South Hills area, dedicated to providing our clients with a wide variety of hospitality services thus allowing them more free time to enjoy life.


Luxury Concierge, LLC offers personal concierge services helping busy individuals, families, offices and senior citizens; with their to-do lists, grocery shopping, dry cleaning, meal delivery, pet services, take out delivery, and personal shopping.  Our hospitality company will also offer a personal assistant to help with your every-day needs; as well as, a personal shopper to help you find the perfect gift.  Concierge, LLC is well connected and offers outstanding personalized services for everything from catering, meal delivery, pet services, personal assistant, personal shopping, and take out delivery.  We have developed strong relationships with a large selection of quality vendors and are able to provide our clients with a multitude of luxury concierge services.

Luxury Concierge will coordinate your next big event, making sure your catering is on time and ready, your grocery shopping is done and food is ready to be used at your disposal, and our personal assistant will be there to help you throughout the entire event, if needed.  If you are ordering food, our meal delivery service will be happy to pick that up for you, allowing you more stress-free time before the event.  Our personal shopper can make sure that gifts for your guests are in order, leaving you to mingle and enjoy your event.  Our hospitality is in a league of it’s own!

When it comes to running a household or planning an event, the success is in the details.  Our attention to detail and ability to anticipate problems before they occur contribute to our success, along with our unwavering hospitality and dependability.   Our pet services will always be one step ahead making sure you never run out of any essential food for your family pet.  Our personal shopper will make sure your grocery shopping is done in time for dinner, and a personal shopper can also make sure that that birthday present for your co-worker isn’t forgotten.  Daily responsibilities, commitments, and errands consume most of our day, leaving us with a limited amount of free time, and it can be a struggle just to find time to simply enjoy life.  The most pragmatic solution to this problem is to hire a personal Luxury Concierge consultant and allow them to coordinate and manage all of those little things that can quickly add up to hours of lost time every day.  Luxury Concierge, LLC combines personal shopping, personal assistant, and a variety of other service providers in order to ensure that your day goes smoothly.  From catering to grocery shopping, and from meal delivery to pet services, we will be there every step of the way.

Luxury Concierge, LLC’s personal touch will help create a trusting, dependable environment that you can rely on.  Our personal assistant will help with your grocery shopping, your take out delivery, your catering needs, your pet services, your meal delivery, your personal shopping, and anything else you may need.

Contact Luxury Concierge of Pittsburgh, PA. today for your complimentary consultation. (412) 719-7198.

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