Pittsburgh Concierge
Pittsburgh Concierge

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Let Luxury Concierge help keep your refrigerator stocked the way you like it. Remember, you are always welcome to call us at (412) 719-7198 and explain the details if you feel that may be easier.  Please enter as much information as you can tell us.  For example, please tell us the quantity of the beverage that you would like us to pick up for you, and the specific type of beverage(s) that you want us to stock your refrigerator with.  *Remember, only someone over 21 may order alcoholic beverages, and that you, as a member of Luxury Concierge agreed in your Membership Agreement that you are not only in fact over 21, but that you will not be distributing the alcoholic beverages to anyone that is not over 21, and you released Luxury Concierge from all liability arising out of these alcoholic beverages.* We will follow up with a phone call, or email, to confirm the details. Please be sure to leave your name, email, and cell phone in the order box.  Please allow us 24 hours to make the delivery, and longer if the delivery is a large order.       

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